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925 silver ring, gold plated. 

 All our rings are hand made in Norway and made to order.Delivery time in Norway is 4 weeks. For all international deliveries please allow for 6 weeks delivery time. Shipping costs are not included. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details. Read carfully before confirming a purchase!



The Bubble Boy measures approximately 10mm in width, and 2mm in thickness.

The Bubble Boy

  • Safety!

    All our sharp rings must be worn with care! They are not toys and must not be used to harm others. HELENE TORP HOLTE does not take any responsibility for damage done to any other objects or living person or animal caused by the use of our rings or any other jewellery.


    Usage & care

    Our pieces is handmade of 925 gold plated silver and must be handled with care. Please note that plating will naturally wear off over time. Here are some tips on how to keep your pieces pretty for longer.

    • Keep all jewellery out of contact with water.
    • Do not store any jewellery in the bathroom!
    • Do not sleep with your jewellery on.
    • Always put your jewellery on last and take them of first! This will limit wear & tear from beauty products and entanglement with your clothes.
    • Your jewellery should always be kept in the supplied string bag.
    • Precious metal jewellery can break if dropped or knocked against hard surfaces!
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